Pros and Cons between IP Cameras and HD-Analog Video Cameras

IP HD analog video camera

For many retail business owners, the new landscape of video surveillance cameras can be confusing. A core decision is to choose between HD-Analog or IP video cameras.  Each security vendor has their favorite and seem to push you toward one choice or the other.

What’s the right choice for your business and budget?  Looking at a simple overview of each type might clear away the fog and help you make an informed decision which will protect your business for many years to come.

IP Cameras

What is it? An IP camera, or Internet Protocol camera, is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a fast Ethernet link.


  • High resolution up to 4K
  • Can connect to existing network
  • Remote administration
  • On board analytics


  • Increased storage requirements on the NVR
  • Network bandwidth
  • Increased cost per camera
  • Susceptible to network issues
  • Limited cable run length
  • Potential network security concerns


HD- Analog Cameras

What is it? An HD Analog camera is an analog camera that can record high definition images (up to 1080P).

These are ideal if you want better resolution, but don’t need some of the additional features IP cameras provide. They can also be a great fit if you are looking to save costs by using your existing coaxial cabling.  There are also several types of HD analog cameras, including TVI, CVI, and AHD.


  • Lower Cost for a retrofit project
  • Easy Installation
  • High Definition, up to 4MP
  • No new cabling needed
  • Less expensive than IP Cameras
  • Great for long cable runs


  • Limited features
  • No remote management
  • No analytic capabilities


So which video camera should you choose?

While every store and application is different, much of your video camera purchase decision will come down to features and budget. With costs roughly equal for a new system, there is little reason to choose an HD-Analog system over an IP based solution. 

The IP system will offer increased resolution, features, and offer the latest technology. However, if budget is the ultimate decision point you may be wise to consider replacing your existing standard definition analog cameras with new HD-Analog. A retrofit of your existing analog system could give you the high definition video you need, while saving you as much as 40% compared to IP.

In the end, either choice will give you an amazing upgrade over your standard definition analog CCTV system.


Contact DIGIOP today to let us help you select the best option. Our friendly experts will listen to your needs and offer a customized plan to decrease loss in your retail locations. Together we can transform your business.