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Return Fraud: Why You Need to Analyze Refunds

Your return policy clearly states that you offer cash refunds only if a customer has a receipt for their purchase. But that person standing at...

Are You Aware of These Shoplifting ‘Red Flags’?

United States retailers lose as much as $50 billion each year due to shoplifting. Thieves have become increasingly sophisticated about their methods – instead of...

Eliminating Theft at Self Checkout Lanes

When addressing retail theft, most people have an image of someone sneakily putting items into a bag and leaving the store.  Although this may be...

Loss Prevention Statistics

When you view loss prevention statistics, it is clear theft poses a major issue for all companies, regardless of size. Armed with knowledge and modern...

DIGIOP Reveals Improper Inventory Management

Inventory loss (also known as inventory shrinkage) costs the American retail industry over $45 billion annually*. Improper inventory management is a key component of inventory...

How to Spot a Potential Shoplifter

Going to the store outfitted with an oversized handbag, a stroller, or a puffy parka isn’t a crime, but these items are associated with shoplifting....
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Integrations and Analytics

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Make the most of the equipment you already have – DIGIOP uses industry-standard ONVIF integration, providing support for most major IP camera brands.

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Data Analytics

With DIGIOP CARBON you can:

  • Analyze your data to pinpoint loss
  • Identify and remediate compliance deviations
  • Get real-time alerts for flagged transactions
  • See which stores or employees are underperforming

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Success Stories

August 18, 2020

How DIGIOP CARBON Helps Store Managers Reward Good Behavior

If you’re running an upsell promotion, how do you know whether your cashier made the upsell or whether a customer had already planned on buying...